Ahura brand saffron envelope packages are designed and implemented in 2 different weights using two colors, gold and purple, both of which have a conceptual reference to the nature of saffron. The simple yet beautiful design of these packages has attracted more and more of the target community of this brand in England.

According to the psychology of colors, Irfan designers have chosen the golden color to show the luxury and premium nature of the saffron product. Purple and red colors, which are frequently seen on saffron packaging, are a reminder of this valuable product. Therefore, the image of purple saffron flower has been mainly used so that people can have sufficient knowledge about the product they are buying.

The design of the Ahura brand logo was inspired by the symbol of Forohar, which is the identity of Iran’s history and culture and reminds of the Achaemenid kings, and is combined with the image of a saffron flower to evoke the name and product of this brand in the mind of the audience.

Considering the international standards for the export of saffron products, the Irfan group of designers, in addition to designing and conceptualizing the logo and implementing the packaging, has also been responsible for the following things in cooperation with the Ahura brand:

  • Proposing the type of packaging and best-selling weights in the European market
  • Obtaining the necessary permits for the export of saffron and packaging
  • Advising and introducing customers to fulfill the “empty capacity” contract of reputable factories to supply and fill saffron packages
  • Choosing a polycrystalline container