Simil Design

Palma de Mallorca, Islas Baleares, España

Trinidad & Tobago called ‘The Rainbow Country’ for its mix of different cultures and traditions. Is a convergence of art, music and nature. This all comes together in the biggest celebration in the Caribbean — Carnival.

Tamboo concept was approached with the idea to give the brand a bold and vibrant attitude. With the ambition to capture the lively and colourful carnival spirit in a bottle; a true spirit of Trinidad & Tobago where Angostura spent centuries perfecting their rum-making techniques.

Named after Tamboo Bamboo, the rebellious instrument that inspired the steel drums, which is now the heartbeat of the islands, and the essential sound of Carnival.

The yellow diamond creates contrast and adds a link to Angostura’s bitters brand colour, while the illustration plays a fun role in the design, creating a rich and colorful universe where all the qualities of the rum and the richness of the place come together and express deeply. The result is an intricate design that invites to be explored in detail to discover every element that makes Tamboo and Trinidad and Tobago special.

Materials and finishes were carefully chosen to create a layered design that maximizes the carnival vibes, using a bright colour palette and metallic foils to evoque the vivid and radiant costumes that illuminate Trinidad & Tobago streets.

Project in collaboration with Sidecar: