Just coming off the Youtube Shorts Snacks project candybrophycreative is back to our old tricks of imagining and conceptafying the unavailable into digital life. We always value the “I don’t get it” feedback from our projects and canpakes are sure to annoy the black and white photo mid 30’s male designer who critiques more than creates. “Canpakes” are a sustainable instant pancake concept. Using plastic fill and shake bottles for pancakes in our throw-away world seems to clash with all things sustainable so “can”pakes remove the plastic and opts for a fluorescent tin pour bottle with polarising retro 80’s/90’s neons or “GenZ” inspired colors.

The bold colors would catch the eye of the consumer who’s possibly mortified by the appearance of the product yet morbidly curious about its purpose, but once the concept is understood we feel these would take off with a younger consumer base. Nothing better than parents or piers being horrified by things you consume or purchase than getting schooled on not judging a product by its appearance. Canpakes….not coming to a store near you!