Mendoza Province, Argentina

Casanegra is a White & Rosso Vermut made by Paulo Escobar & Betina Uzcudun in Maule Valley, Chile

The concept we created for this label is based on the idea of looking into the forest through the native vegetation. All the ingredients used in this great beverage are taken from the native flora.

As Paulo and Betina live in this magical place, they are the ones who get up every morning to walk around the wilderness picking up different spices to make their beverage. They are guardians of nature and the native forest.

Since the elaboration is sustainable and respectful of the environment we wanted to give this label a soft and colorful look and feel where people can see between the leaves.

Something that we wanted to show in the illustration, was the cozy way they are used to live up in the forest. The cabin is surrounded by many different trees and bushes. The smokey chimney on the rooftop and the different kinds of leaves that you can find over there give us that idea.

For the bottom side of this label, we wanted to give a classy look and feel that would make this bottle stand out over its competitors. We made an elegant font combination and background coloring to achieve this goal.

Finally, for the logo we designed a curved type to match the label dieline. We did this since we wanted to have more space to show our illustration art.


This project started in 2011 as an experiment. These two nature guardians started mixing different spices to make a beverage that would represent the native forest flavors.

They tried many recipes until they found the best match for their Vermut.

When they were comfortable with the result they started making some friends try it. The rest is history…