Chanel · Hèritage Rebelle

Ingrid Lopes

Keeping its iconic look, we developed a fragrance with distinctive black and white colors so characteristic of the brand. On the other hand, we didn’t want to forget who Chanel was at the time; a woman who invented herself from scratch, who didn’t settle for anything and who searched to change everything. A revolutionary, feminist and rebellious woman for her time. We seek to maintain that spark, that legacy or “heritage” she left us. We seek to question. To be original, to trust in our ideas, to realize them and above all to be rebels.

Chanel has such a recognizable logo that even if you split it in half it remains clear. So we suggest splitting the product into two fragrances, eau de toilette and parfum, one for day and one for night. Both together would complete the brand and are intended to be refillable.