Corn Starch / Corn Flour

Kalastra Designs

Kothrud, Pune, Maharashtra, India

Current market players mainly use the same visual package patterns as fields of wheat, nature, and other typical category signs.

Therefore, we decided to avoid the same approach and create a brand with a unique concept and strong brand visual patterns. The key aim was to add vibrant colors to the design, and the focus should be on the product.

The company is one of the leaders in the production of U.S.A., UAE and Europian Markets.


  1.  Update the visual layer: make it more modern and eye catchy.
  2.  Develop the design of the backside
  3.  Adapt the design to the Italian food category

Our task was to make it more visible and familiar. Instead of caricatures, engravings of a farm, village, harvested field, and sheaves appeared. We choose the original image of Corn. And claim “Best quality control at all stages of production” to show the responsibility and seriousness of the manufacturer.

On the back side, we talked about how to use it with a simple recipe.

An important strategy was not to lose current buyers but to acquire new ones. Sales continue to grow steadily, which indicates that we have coped with the task.


Kalastra Designs

Kothrud, Pune, Maharashtra, India
Design: Kalastra Designs
Visualiser: Ketaki Gokhale
Co-Visualiser: Chaitanya Mankar
Novas Impex