Montalbán Estudio

C. de Antonio Maura, 17, 50013 Zaragoza, España

The impressive presence of the Moncayo range in the landscape –where it represents a milestone for the surrounding vineyards– has a great influence on a red wine like Furo. In the dialect spoken in the area, “furo” means fierce, feral. By this mountain range –2300m above sea level– this wine is produced with a certificate of origin and stands out for its fruity and mature taste and its mineral touch.

In the label, the graphics of the design are clean so that the texture of the paper can stand out by itself, showing the profile of the mountain range. The name of the wine and its variety are hot foiled in gold, bright like the sun that hits on the open landscape. Rocks and sunsets come together in flavour and design: an unmistakable profile made for a clean taste.