Roberge Design Branding

Brand Identity and Packaging Design

Grand Granola is a very beloved brand of gourmet granola cereals made from healthy, local, fair trade & organic ingredients.

But the previous packaging design wasn’t reflecting the premium positioning and the brand personality was generic and unassuming.

The exclusive ingredients being the ultimate attribute of these luxurious cereals, it was a natural and strategic deicision to showcase them more proeminently by elevating their presence on the packaging

To elevate the braand perception, we have created a very sophisticated visual territory and a unique way to depict the key ingredients around each letter that is linked to the respective variant. And by doing so, we have also significantly facilitated the navigation among the variants, adding an element of memorization to help the consumers to easily identify their own favorite variant(s).

The personality of the brand stands out like never before and strenghten its positioning in the heart and mind of consumers,

Every visual elements speak the same language and converge to communicate the sophistication and quality of Grand Granola. Glossy and matt varnishes on specific elements also contribute to the awareness of the brand on the shelves.