HighGround – Student Concept of Cat Litter

Alya Zaripova

According to a survey carried out across 150 cat owners, it was revealed that cats could damage a cat litter package and spoil the product. Despite the tremendous variety of pet products on Russian market, there are no packaging made of durable material harder than paper.

People are facing the problem of ease to break litter packaging. Thereby they are forced to store pet hygiene products in hard-to-reach places instead of having it in a convenient space.

HighGround is a cat litter for those cat owners who are tired of hiding litter from their relentless pets. HighGround solves the problem of package integrity damage due to durable materials and tightly closed cover.

The idea for the package form factor has been raised from watching the cats hygiene habits. The elevation map serves as a main visual metaphor that draws a parallel between naturally built landscapes and dynamically changing relief in the litter box. Slightly textured box surface refers to natural components and associates with all-natural materials.

White boxes in combination with dark labels create a clear look and contribute to recognition in the market. Being placed in a row, the boxes are building an endless relief.

The main front label is quite informative but not excessive. The corner part of the main label is filled with a reach-in color pattern that shows the litter kind inside the box. Having cover tightly closed, the upper label contains the opening instructions in front of the box and compressed information on the top of the cover. For convenient held, the exterior of the box is provided with a handle.

In order to save planets resources, the packaging is assumed to be made from reusable plastic HDPE (High Density Poly-Ethylene). Moreover, it is expected from consumers to buy HighGround paper refills and put the content into a previously bought plastic box instead of buying a new one.