IN+U — Plant Based Food

Funky® Agency

IN+U is a brand of vegetable cheeses made for those who really care for their health and environment.

IN+U products have been developed at the junction of the trend for mindful eating and the groundbreaking technology that makes it possible to ensure both high protein amount and the genuine taste of cheese.

The unique features of the product have formed the basis for the brand message: “IN+U makes it easy to improve eating habits and enjoy a healthy experience”. Thanks to the progressiveness of the product and the impressive taste of natural cheese it is really easy to introduce the products of this brand into everyday life.

The brand name IN+U conveys the message that “it’s all in your hands”. You are the one in charge of your health and your life. Change the way you eat, change your habit, and change the world around you.

The visual identity follows the positioning and the character of the brand. The bright green color strikes the eye and gives a sense of the innovative nature of the product while the other colors add lightness and mindfulness. The grid is a visual metaphor for a diet plan and eating habits. The subject of the illustrations demonstrates the scientific approach while the style reveals the progressiveness and flexibility of the brand.