Mastihashop Greek Collections

Antonia Skaraki

Athens, Greece

The Challenge:

We were tasked by the Chios Mastiha Growers Association to Design their new product range of food products. The common key ingredient of those products, of course, is mastic resin; a substance produced by the mastic tree and is a staple to the culinary tradition of Chios.

The products cover a wide range of different food products, from mustard to chocolate biscuits. Despite the large range they cover, they should communicate their common brand, as well as that mastic resin, is the key ingredient of all of them.

The Concept:

Greek Collection is a name that encompasses the true essence of the brand. A name that points out what the product range is in the most direct manner. A collection of food products that have become a staple in greek culinary tradition-bound together by mastic resin.

Visually, the products needed to simultaneously communicate that they belong in the distinct everyday life of greeks and that they hold different positions in it.

The Design:

The design serves the concept by functioning as a means to both communicate each product’s unique character and at the same time unify the entire range.

To achieve this we used photographic images of greek everyday life and imagery inspired by how it used to be in the days of old. Through this method, we could capture the essence of each product, while maintaining a common visual language.