Narla’s Premium Spice Range

Narla’s Premium Spice Range

Things just got spicier over at Narla HQ. Inspired by the biodiversity of a coastal town, we are branching out to expand and grow all wrapped up in the warmth of our bountiful land that gives much more than it takes.

Designed after the state bird of Goa, the exotic red flame bulbul is actually a yellow bird – the muse behind our Turmeric Root Powder. Also featured is a spotted deer which inspired the Dry Ginger Powder and Green Cardamom Powder symbolized by the beautiful Luna moth found in Goa. We are so thrilled to unveil our premium spice range, launching for the very first time.


• Narla Turmeric Root Powder
• Narla Dry Ginger Powder
• Narla Green Cardamom Powder

This series has been truly special, as the experience really went beyond just designing a “pretty package”. This new spice range from Narla got us thinking about Goa’s natural beauties and bounties. Showcasing them on the packaging throws light on the growing awareness about wildlife conservation in the State.