Organic Ice Cream all swirled into a Biodegradable tub

Snow Donuts

Little Cow & Cookies is an irresistible mix of ice cream made with creamy organic milk from little Jersey cows and unique organic cookies from traditional European recipes. All swirled into a biodegradable tub.

Known for their cheeky characters, our Jersey cows are a lot of fun to be around. We raise them responsibly on our outstretched pastures where they dine on healthy, fresh grass and herbs and roam far and wide. Delicious ice cream is made from the creamy milk of these cows. Everything local: the organic ice cream, the organic cookies, and of course the beautiful packaging.

Inspired by still-life paintings

At the heart of the Little Cow & Cookies brand & packaging design, is the unique and colorful photography. We took cues from still-life paintings, where seemingly ordinary objects appear much more intense than usual. And even enhanced it further by having the balance of the ingredients on top of each other in a display of magic realism.

All this, of course, represents the experience of eating the ice cream. Organic and made from honest, quality ingredients, the pleasure when enjoying this ice cream far exceeds what you could have fathomed based on its well-rooted organic origins.

Speaking of which, did you know SNOW DONUTS specifically developed this beautifully shaped 100% compostable, plastic-free cup? That’s made from fully circulair, renewable FSC wood? We didn’t think it deserved anything less.

As if signing a masterpiece, the hand-scripted logo further underlines the craftsmanship that’s been happily poured into this.