Bánh Tét Trà Cuôn – Vietnamese Traditional Cake

Minh Tri Do

Hồ Chí Minh, Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh, Việt Nam

1. ABOUT : ” Hai Ly ” is a traditional ” Bánh Tét” cake brand, established over 50 years old in Tra Cuon hamlet, Tra Vinh province, Vietnam. Originating from the Khmer people who cook “Banh tet” for the Vietnamese New Year’s Holiday to earn extra income, now the ” Bánh Tét ” is a signature cake of the west in Vietnam, especially, in Tra Vinh province. The cake is made from selected ingredients from fresh ingredients from nature.

2. DEFINE THE GOAL : The original cake packaging is a banana leaf pack, it’s organic and fresh. It also keeps the cake soft, and moist with the cooked-leaf scent inside. Nowadays, the brand has a big vision for exporting its products to different countries in the world; creating a new mood, and story for the traditional cake to the youngsters; creating portable packaging for a modern lifestyle. To make it come true, having a new packaging design is necessary. Brand characteristics: ICONIC, FRIENDLY, CONNECTED.

3. CONCEPT & DESIGN : The concept is about “Human-centered creation”, from a Vietnamese proverb “Người ta là hoa đất”, human-centred design, realising the beauty of industriousness in productive labour. In that proverb, “Hoa” means “Flower”, symbolising beauty. It is recrystallized from the essences of trees, heaven and earth. Flowers carry beauty. “Đất” means “Earth”, and has always been considered a valuable asset to most humans. Earth is where we live and work. Thus, “earth & flower” is the source of life of heaven and earth. When comparing people with “earth & flowers” is to affirm the great value of humans. The design is developed from the spirit of the proverb “Flower & Earth”, created by the ingredients inside and outside of the “Bánh Tét”: Banana leaf, Sticky rice, Green Bean, and Banana. The graphic symbol of cakes is visualised by combining the original pattern inside the cake and brand characteristics.

4. Packaging Solution: The packaging aims to achieve a new look, a handy packaging for the products in modern lifestyle so that choosing the hexagon box shape is a great choice, the shape protects the cake from dust and extreme light, the wind that can demolish the moisture inside the cake. Moreover, the packaging has its “the opened & closed cap”, which allows clients to store the cake when it’s not used up.

5. The packaging layout : The layout design is still maintained the traditional product’s personality, using lines of the organic string leaves. Seamless letters in the square boxes in the layout create a comfortable feeling when reading, grasping key information in each cell.