Widarto Impact

Trenggalek Regency, East Java, Indonesia

Collette is a premium incense brand concept focused on helping people heal themselves through aromatherapy.
In a digital world that is busy and full of distractions, it certainly affects the health of thinking which has an impact on the health of the body. Busy work and heavy news traffic on social media are believed to increase the stress levels and loss of focus. Of course this will have a negative impact on one’s life both in the work and family environment.

Collette’s premium products are presented through a clear, clean and sustainable identity as part of the brand’s vision as a self-healing therapeutic solution.

Simplicity can lead longevity.
For packaging, we try to reduce as much as possible the elements that distract the audience from focusing on the brand, clearly recognizing the brand name, and feeling the emotional impact of the visuals.

Considering as a new brand, we maximize wordmark as the main element of design, simple and clean to strengthen brand awareness.

The wordmark on the packaging is executed with an embossed technique so that the packaging looks modern and premium.