JD Brands | Jescardiseño

Zapopan, Jal., México

We create Identity and Packaging. Our customer wanted the development of the entire identity to market high-level meat.

The first thing we did was benchmark the competition, we looked for the main brands, what they did, and how they handled the brand and its advertising, we went to the shelf and saw the graphics, its positioning and communication in general. We then began to devise a name, we looked for something that was simple, that would be easily remembered, looked elegant, elite and that would make me understand what was being sold in my first impression, after a few proposals the chosen one was: The Supreme Court. A fairly successful naming for our objectives. Then we made important elements of the identity, business cards, electronic signatures, bags, souvenirs and other elements that helped to brand.

The next step was the creation of the packaging design, we decided to go for the white color, because the competition used red, brown and red tones. White denotes cleanliness, harmlessness, and elegance. We leave a window so that the product can be viewed and the high quality of the cut could be seen. We proposed a tray in black, in the same way to give it that premium and higher level touch.

Within the graphics we place the logo and important claims that highlight the advantages of the product, we also place a suggestion of use that is quite attractive and appealing to the public. Part of the proposed strategy was to carry out tastings in shopping centers. In the same way, it was thought to take tests on terraces to distribute during events. Open a Supreme Court restaurant, where the brand’s cuts of meat could be sold. The finished work was quite satisfactory and had a great impact both on the client and on the final consumers.