Fire In The Hole: The Plunderin’ Pirate Game


Milwaukee, WI, USA

In early 2021, Dave and Julian of McMiller entertainment set out to create a category-busting tabletop party game that would offer everything from strategy to dexterity. When they approached Jim Kennelly about packaging design, the general concept and gameplay were in place, but they needed help bringing the visual identity to life.

When it came to the visual expression of the game, Dave and Julian wanted something with an elevated design style. Something that didn’t get lost in the sea of endless board games on the market. The design challenge was to infuse the sense of excitement that comes from playing the game while maintaining a certain level of simplicity in the overall design. Infuse a little Japanese Kawaii, sprinkle in some retro 60’s pop-art inspiration, and Fire in The Hole was born.

Part card game, part dexterity game, the game centers around an impressive pop-up pirate ship and is 100% plastic-free, biodegradable, and carbon neutral, making it one of the most sustainable games on the market.