TAKE YOUR ICE CREAM AND FOFF! Foff! is a streetwear and lifestyle brand that has extended its popular line of merchandise to small batches, artisanal ice cream. Just like their sought-after t-shirts, hoodies and collectible gnomes, Foff! Brand’s “FOFF SRV” (soft serve in pints) comes in ever-changing, limited edition, flavor combinations like “BEAN THROUGH IT” (coffee swirl + black caramel crumble) and “SEA U NEXT TUESDAY” (sea salt pretzel + chocolate cookie).

Available exclusively at PERVERTED ICE CREAM, FOFF SRV has a forward-thinking approach to indulgence. FOFF SRV is plant-based with a focus on sustainability, reflected in its packaging and its processes. Foff! Creative Director Jade explains that he knows these efforts won’t save the planet but Foff! is committed to doing as little harm as possible. “You can be a good time, punk rock, $h!t disturber without being a total a$$hole.”