Mauricio Shattah Sidra is a Limited Edition coffee, unique both from a flavour point of view and also in the level of detail and science which has been incorporated into the processing. With this in mind, the focus was much more on the scientific side of this coffee’s journey and showcasing the taste notes.

We took a lot of references from the world of science labs and images that you’d expect to see under a microscope. This was the starting point for the visuals and from here we developed the concept further.

The typography we selected takes inspiration from traditional notions of ‘luxury’ with its decorative serif typefaces, and we created it in 3D to highlight the additional pattern of microorganisms within the letters to add texture.

The most challenging aspect of the project was to capture the flavour experience of mango, intense freshness but creamy texture in one single image. The best way to represent this was with transparency and a more watery texture.

From here there was a lot of exploration and testing the bubble-like shape interacting with text, layout and colour to define how it would live among the other elements.

When you see the bubble static it naturally already feels as though it’s moving so motion seemed essential in this sense. As an additional design element also introducing motion as a technique opened new possibilities in terms of conveying the flavour notes of the coffee as well as the texture, and balance of flavour. There’s an additional element of tactility and transparency in this flavour illustration approach which actually made it easy to communicate the flavour we wanted to highlight.

The natural shape of the bubble has informed the ‘morphing’ of the motion while the lingering and prominent mango sweetness that defines the cup is being highlighted as the composition changes while it moves.

For the packaging, we wanted to transfer all these elements of tactility, transparency and unique premium status of the coffee that we have on the digital designs to the elements you will receive when you purchase the coffee.

With the clear coffee bag, the printed artwork on the info card and the box we secured the coffee and created an unveiling experience. To add the element of texture and exclusivity we have designed a custom cotton pouch that can be reused for many purposes and serves as the first tactile element as you open the box.