Newlife saffron brand has emphasized the originality of its saffron brand by focusing on typography. For this purpose, we have used post-printing services such as local UV effect, gilding, embossing, etc. Therefore, the gold plating applied on the packaging shows the valuable nature of this product and its exquisite appearance also refers to saffron. Also, a window is embedded in the packaging so that the nature and quality of the products of this brand can be seen more and more easily, and it will gain confidence from the buyers.

In this packaging, the rotation and dance of the beautiful saffron font has played an effective role in creating a shelf effect, and buyers of this product around the world will notice the origin and authenticity of this brand’s products. Choosing the form of pocket saffron is highly economical and allows it to be flexible in terms of dimensions. Therefore, the New Life brand will not have any worries about the coherence of its identity due to adding weight and dimensions.

Services provided for this brand:
Logo design and visual identity
Packaging Design
Packaging printing
Industrial and advertising photography