Rebæl makes art from fruits. No matter the beverage, Rebæl always strives to make it unlike anything else, uncompromising and artistic. Scandinavian boutique design agency EVERLAND helped with a fitting rebel brand universe.

Rebæl is the tale of the energetic entrepreneur and the sophisticated sommelier. Since 2016, founders Emil and Tom have shared a love for the creative process and ambition to create a taste experience “extraordinaire”.

Whether it’s their high-end (gastro) juices, soft lemonades, refreshing ice teas, or ready-to-drink cocktails, every bottle of Rebæl is treated like a piece of art. Scandinavian consumer branding agency Everland was brought along to help develop a brand identity that reflects their rebellious spirit and artistic ambitions.

No Process Is Alike

Like true rebels, Rebæl also wanted a brand identity that challenges the mainstream and the category. No cookie-cutter solutions here. To achieve this, Everland armed Rebæl with the tools to make a brand identity that is fluid and ever-changing, just like their ingredients and products are influenced by the time of year.

Because the process is never the same, you get a different result each time. That goes for collages on the label, reflecting the culinary experience bottled up inside, and sparking associations. Even the letters in the logo can be stacked as seem fitting. It is rebellious and stands out in the category.

“The Rebæl brand design is alive, complex, yet straightforward. It reflects the flavours and fits the occasion. Only a true rebel would dare to embrace this design universe.” – Jonathan Faust, Design Director at Everland