Brand Overview
Semsem Coffeecity is a Brazilian brand that caters to discerning customers who love coffee. Their high-quality beans can be purchased via exclusive stores, where other coffee-based drinks are also offered. The brand aims to offer an authentic Brazilian-style coffee experience. The cultural movement regards this drink as an artisanal ingredient of the highest quality, and its consumption includes sensory exploration, tasting, and education appropriate to its best enjoyment.

Semsem icon expresses the consumer’s love for this drink. At first glance, it appears 4 flowering beans in the middle and then gradually start to grow into 4 coffee beans. The flag referred to here is the flag of Brazil, the country of origin of the coffee, and upon closer look, a hint of the infinity symbol is identified. We used sans serif typography to achieve optimal readability and provide a harmonious balance between negative and positive spaces for the glyphs.