WonderBooster is an instant & long-term lip plumper with new soft formula, available in 3 sparkling colors. This trio of scientifically-backed plumpers works instantly and over time to bring you lips that look so shining, full & plump.

With the help of packaging design, convey the features of the product: volume effect, precious sparkling, beautiful colors and ease of use. And when you get this lip plumper, you think “Oh, yeah it’s Wonder!”

We decided to use metallized cardboard for the packaging to enhance the product’s shine. We also focused on typography and combined bold with thin type in the naming for visual effect of volume and plump. And we selected the names for colors that emphasize the features of the product’s shades as much as possible “Rose Diamond”, “Peach Cloud” and “Gold Caramel”.

Full-cycle support and production by our team.
Time to Market ⏱ 4 months.
Concept creation → test sample production → quality and shades approval → packaging design → sample production of packaging → sample approval design and print quality → mass-production support → development and production of marketing materials and events → sales.