Aleluia Hazy Dreams is an incomparable New England Ipa beer, and therefore deserves an incomparable label to stand out among the immense variety of options that are available to consumers at the time of purchase.

The design decisions went through the beer’s strengths, taste and aroma. Remarkable elements of the consumption experience and product differential in relation to its competitors. The bear is now a character that is always present on the brand’s IPA beer labels. On the Hazy label he appears completely ecstatic, experiencing a moment of almost lysergic flavor when drinking Hallelujah Hazy Dreams. The label information structure, logo position, alcohol content and other elements follow the pattern of the other illustrated labels of the brand, maintaining a visual coherence that strengthens the brand in the scenario of action.

The result is an extremely vibrant label that differentiates the product at its point of sale, generating consumer curiosity to know and try the product.

Drink the beer of your dreams? It’s Hazy Dreams. It’s Aleluia!