Manoli Canoli – Apollèe

Antonia Skaraki

Athens, Greece

We were asked to create the identity of an ultra-premium extra virgin olive oil, targeted to a demanding upscale Manhattan market. We wanted the brand to convey self-confidence for its superior quality and Greek origin.

To move forward we had to look back. At the sun nurturing the soil giving life to the Greek olive tree. At Apollo, the sun god. We named the brand after him and employed golden elements to reinforce the presence of the sun while delivering top quality and a touch of luxury.

We followed the life cycle of the olive tree as each gnarl added wisdom and knowledge. Waited until its body was covered in gnarls, until the gnarled trunk took the shape of an offering woman. Until person and kindness became wood. Only then did we turn the wood into glass by keeping its back reminiscent of tree and trunk.

Then we poured inside the golden green juice. The real substance. In a bottle that looked like perfume. Valuable. Treasured. Perfume of the earth. Protected inside a box simulating a trunk. The trunk opens and closes sealing what is its valuable secret. And the promise remains unspoiled, written in ink for the moment a hand opens it.