Ragga Tonic Wine: One Taste, One Love

Episode Two

Bristol, UK

Ragga’s founder spotted a rise in popularity of Tonic Wines, but having grown up around these drinks, he wasn’t convinced that the options out there were doing the category justice.

This was a challenge he took very seriously! It took a whole year of product mixing and testing to satisfy his tastebuds – but the dedication paid off. Say hello to the delicately smooth, flavour infused tonic wine that is Ragga. Such dedication to getting the product right deserves a powerful brand identity and eye-catching packaging design to support it, which is where Episode Two came in. We’ve loved bringing the vision of Ragga to life.

Creating a brand which resonates with the new younger Tonic Wine audience, whilst staying true to its Jamaican roots.

It’s all about the Taste, and all about the Vibes!