Slurp is a concept beverage innovation inspired by a juke box, a new twist to consuming delicious fruit juices. Let’s take a dive into this thought. Imagine holding a small tetra pak of your favourite fruit juice, all ready to take the first sip. That sip tastes so good. Now, imagine if you had another fruit juice right there, ready to sip on. Of course you can purchase 2 of your preferred juice flavours, but here we are presenting an innovation that satisfies your craving with double the joy, 2 juice boxes in one, 2 fruit flavours in one.

Now here is where it gets interesting; the fruit juices are in one carton, kept separately. You have the option to have them one at a time, or even try them together and see where that combination takes you! The power and option to choose between flavours, and the option to consume it as per your preference sparked a creative idea for the brand. The inspiration was linked to a juke box, where one can pick the song they wish to play next. This gave a great headway into the overall branding and design of the product showcasing it in the shape of a juke box with the vibrance and colours and elements.

​Slurp was designed in order to give the same energy, same nutrition of 2 fruits in one juice box, and to introduce some fun combinations of fruits for double the joy and double to benefits. You can choose to have one at a time or both together!