Karma Tea – herbal infused tea

Studio Unbound

Glasgow, UK

Studio Unbound and Karma Tea have collaborated again to introduce a new range of herbal-infused tea.

Studio Unbound helped Karma Tea originally launch in 2021 and since then their core range of South-Asian teas have been expanding and the brand’s recognition has grown. Most recently Studio Unbound has worked closely with founder of Karma Tea, Alison Tran, to bring to life their exciting range of specialty herbal teas.

When Studio Unbound approached the brief, they established early on that it was important that this new range differed from the core range of teas; however, because the brand is still young it was essential it built on top of the brand recognition already established and trusted.

Therefore, the new label designs still carry the brand’s core message of fresher tea straight from South Asian tea gardens. This is illustrated in the form of a stamp-like label as if they were applied from the tea garden themselves and sent to you directly. It also follows the same strict packaging architecture of the core teas ensuring this new range sits as a sister rather than a separate entity.

Studio Unbound, in a considered effort to distinguish this collection, had the stamp-like labels affixed to a white pouch rather than the brown pouch of the core range. The white pouch echoes the more delicate and aromatic flavours of the herbal range. Each label contains a fauna-inspired background, drawing on depictions in South Asian fabrics. To further highlight the South Asian provenance, and the meditative ritual tea can have, a mandala inspired motif is used as a super graphic in the background that frames the bold text denoting the tea’s flavour.

This new range is a great example of continued collaboration Studio Unbound has with brands. Working closely alongside FMCG start-ups and scale-ups supporting them as they grow and thrive.

Studio Unbound is a small-but-mighty branding studio that works with aspiring founders of FMCG brands. They create brands that are unexpected, that are unforgettable so brands can be unbound


Studio Unbound

Glasgow, UK
Creative Lead: James Fishlock
Founder and Creator: Martyn Garrod
Karma Tea Co