Widakk Design

Novi Sad, Serbia

Luxury caviar label design, inspired by the great Russian Empire opulence.

A century-old history.

It was in the nineteenth century on the shores of the Caspian Sea that the name Lianozoff emerged from the mists of history. Russian adventurer Stepan Martinovich Lianozoff is the pioneer who brought caviar out of its Iranian cradle to seduce the most illustrious gourmets. It is in Paris in the 20s that the “White Russians” allow the meeting between these coveted pearls and the great French Gastronomy. S.Lianozoff – Maison de Caviar continues today this tradition of excellence.

Today Caviar Lianozoff ensures the selection of the best caviars, from fish farms meeting strict specifications. The ancestral Persian expertise of artisanal salting.