Do you already know the Chilli Code line?

It is the first line of fermented pepper sauces in Brazil and has 6 variations, a scale of heat that goes from 5 (the mildest) to 28 (the strongest in the line and the second hottest in the world).

Sacrini Design developed the new labels and boxes for Bombay. The number stamped on its label shows the heat of the pepper.

Know who you are on the burning scale, with 5 being the softest and 28 the most burning!

🔥 Chilli Code 5 – Chipotle Chili Sauce (smoked)

🔥 Chilli Code 5 – Jalapeno Pepper Sauce

🔥🔥 Chilli Code 7 – Girl’s Finger Pepper Sauce

🔥🔥 Chilli Code 10 – Habanero Pepper Sauce

🔥🔥🔥 Chilli Code 20 – Bhut Jolokia Pepper Sauce

🔥🔥🔥🔥 Chilli Code – 28 Trinidad Scorpion Pepper Sauce

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