What is it?

Deer Raincoat is a hypothetical fashion company specializing in the design and production of raincoats.

Its mission is to always insist on making fashionable raincoat products that “can bring people good moods”, and accompany everyone to witness the romance and beauty of rainy days. Have good moods even in rainy days.

Why should it exist?

It all started with a whim of mine. I can be influenced by weather a lot. Especially in winter, there’s either dirty ground of different shades of grey or black – which is the most popular color people wear in winter. All these made the street so depressing and boring.

I love colors, they’re one of the most important parts in my life. They influence our moods in different ways. I especially love bright yellow, it’s so energetic, eyes catching and mood lighting, it’s also the most common color to stand for raincoats.

Once I was sitting at home looking out through window, it was raining outside. Suddenly an idea occurred to me, why can’t there be a company designing and producing fashionable raincoats that can decorate boring raining days?

That’s when Deer Raincoat was born. Deer Raincoat is named after Dear Raincoat, I wish people can love these raincoats, and also love rainy days.

Who’s this mascot?

The mascot of this brand is a deer wearing a yellow raincoat known as Raincoat Deer. He lives in a forest with a long raining season every year. He wears his favorite yellow raincoat during the raining season.

This bright yellow raincoat is a friend for him.

To let his friend raincoat see sunny days as well, he wears the raincoat even raining season has passed.