Asda needed to move away from its previous Walmart-owned toy brand and create a bespoke, exciting brand for adventure-seeking boys and girls.

Inspired by the team spirit of superheroes, we created a bold, confident and inclusive brand that would appeal to all adventurous children.

Fasten your seat belts adventure seekers, our bold and iconic brandmark uses a powerful shield like logomark to attract all budding super heroes.  The universal colour palette attracts spirited girls and boys alike.  Our extensive brand guidelines and training ensure consistent execution of the brand through all touchpoints.

Join our Dynaforce superheroes and be part of the coolest gang around. With packaging designed for adrenaline-fuelled vehicles to roarsome dinosaurs, we’ve got everything you need to let your imagination run wild.


Creative Director: Jon Dignam
Design Director: Gareth Ball
Managing Director: Kim Van Elkan
Visualiser : Chris Charlton
Production Director: Paul Porter