EASY Kids – healthy smoothies for kids!


EASY Kids are nutritious and tasty smoothies that solve the problem of healthy snacking for children at the age of 3 years. This is an honest, balanced and healthy product composition and fruit flavors that children will love. Convenient portion packaging makes it easy and comfortable to take the product with you and use it at any time and in any situation.

A task

To develop a packaging design for the Easy Kids line, which will:

  • stylistically related to the parent brand Easy Smoothie,

  • at the same time, it will clearly convey the differences and benefits of this line,

  • it will be attractive not only for mothers, but also for children.


For Sady Pridonya, we have developed a fashionable Easy Smoothie product – a healthy fruit and cereal cocktail. This product fits perfectly into the concept of a healthy diet for modern women who care about their health, follow trends and maintain youth and attractiveness. Many of them have children who would also like to instill healthy eating habits from childhood, so that in the future the children choose healthy foods and snacks.

The brands are very similar in style, format and content, but the children’s line is adapted to the tastes of children. There are 2 SKUs in the line:

Banana-berries + functional system Mango – fruit + functional system

The formula of Easy Kids products is different from Easy Smoothie – they do not contain a cereal component.

Instead, they are additionally enriched with trace elements necessary and important for children.

On the Growth Platforms, the brand is located in the territories of Energy and Freedom (healthy composition, convenient format) and Pleasure (pleasant tastes that children will like, the appropriate emotional message expressed in design and brands).

We developed a new logo that is close in its stylistic direction to the Easy Smoothie brand and came up with fun brand characters that demonstrate tastes. At the same time, the difference in architecture is visible, but the connection with the parent brand is visually preserved. The packaging perfectly stands out on the shelf due to the bright colors – purple and green.

The brand communicates in the same language with children through communication both on the front and back sides. Funny phrases on the packaging will definitely attract the attention of children and they will like them. At the same time, there is also a focus on benefits – stigma and benefits – what is important to parents.

The design turned out to be cheerful, provocative, with fashionable interesting brand characters in the form of fruits, who relax in the company of friends in a glass of smoothie a la jacuzzi.

Easy Kids is a fun and healthy snack from Easy Smoothie that your kids will love!