Etica red wine from Perconti

Auca Design

Abruzzo, Italia

/è·ti·ca/ is a red wine from Azienda Perconti, Abruzzo, Italy.

The word “etica” means ethics: ethics is not just a name given to this wine, but it’s the philosophy behind Perconti as wine-makers and as farmers. A respectful way to treat nature, farmland, grapevine, harvest, and wine.

Perconti’s aim is to produce a good, immaculate, honest wine without external influences or without following trends of the moment.

As I designer I imagined the relationship between human beings and nature in a illustration: the label focus is the central part in which I represented the land and a thoughful human figure, looking at the sky with moon and sun, and at the same time deeply related with the earth trough the roots.