Cesare Gori

Verona VR, Italia

Grass fed beef Garum, 125ml, Madres Restaurant, Verona (Italy)

Garum is an ancient fermented fish sauce widely used as a seasoning in ancient Greece, Rome, and Carthage.

At Madres Restaurant (Verona, Italy) Executive Chef Hakim Bensalah made this sauce in a “glocal” view using Italian products such as Parmigiano cheese, salami, etc.

“Grass-fed beef Garum” was born out of the collaboration between Madres and Macelleria Carlo Alberto Menini, famous for its superb grass-fed meat and meat delicatessen.

In its front, the label is a kind of “meta packaging” evoking old fired clay amphorae used in garum’s production and as garum packaging also, while to the side we decided to resume the “Madreslingua” format, a Madres-Italian dictionary created by Salmon Magazine used in Madres online channels to explain uncommon words like “omakase”, “kaiseki”, “umami”, “garum”, etc.