For branding and creating luxury and high-quality collections, having a visual identity is one of the most important and influential factors in branding. In designing the visual identity of jewelry Khodai brand, with respect for coherence

Between the brand identity and its design, we tried to create a simple and beautiful logo at the same time.

In designing the logo of God’s Jewelry, we used various symbols as follows:

Diamond symbol: The diamond symbol is a sign of wealth, survival and status and has always been known in different civilizations and eras as a manifestation of light, invulnerability, magic, healing and protection. But in this association is gold and jewelry.

Ring symbol: here is a ring to protect the diamond gem and the practicality of this precious stone and the association of this brand’s field of work, gold and jewelry.

The letter “Kh” is the first letter of the brand name “Khodai” which is placed in the shape of a ring ring with a brilliant diamond composition as the point of this letter.