David Byerlee

Adelaide SA, Australia

For the last decade, Monterra has created high-end wines born from idyllic vineyards in South Australia. In recent times, the brand has expanded their product offering and steered towards a more sustainable and vegan focus. A review of the core range was required to celebrate these values visually and to create an appropriate differentiation against the premium ranges that sit above.

Progressing from the traditional white labels that previously adorned the core range, the new chapter required a modern appeal to the adventurous but budget-conscious consumer.

The unique characteristics and flavour profile of each wine are now celebrated through varied label tones and organically inspired artwork. Evolving from the brand’s gold logo-mark itself, a spirograph-styled pattern radiates from the centre of the label. Each label now becomes an abstract depiction of the wine’s tasting structure and length.

To further portray the brand’s recent push to an eco-friendly focus, the labels are now made from an uncoated paper stock containing 30% post-consumer waste material.

The result is a distinctive and alluring new range of wines that stand proudly in their category, whilst introducing a complementary progression into Monterra’s premium ranges.