Moon Lark – Brewery, Meadery & Seltzery

Moon Lark is a craft brewery, meadery and seltzery. Three alcoholic threads mixed together by two friends under one brand. The works on the naming and visual identity began with defining product positioning and image goals for packaging. Polish craft beer market is very competitive and it was clear, that the brand should be fresh – otherwise it won’t stand out on the shelf and in Social Media. It was known from the very beginning that the owners think also about foreign markets. Therefore the brand identity had to be culturally universal.

The design challenge was to divide the brand into three product lines, which should remain separate, but also create a coherent system. After choosing the name of the brewery we created the concepts of the first packaging. In a characteristic for Ostecx Créative way, we focused on a strong identification of Moon Lark brand and design functionality. The common thought for all packaging is its simple form and unique graphic effects. In the case of beers, the leitmotif of the illustration is the full moon. Minimalistic look and proper names allow consumers to interpret the graphics on their own.