Nasyceni Packaging “From blog to product”.

Aga Nabielec

Nasyceni, a cooking blog about everyday life, simple pleasures and small rituals, created a line of kitchen textiles. The briefing was simple: first create a set of illustrations that can be used on the products and then design a simple packaging that will carry on the spirit of the Nasyceni blog.

The packaging design is minimal in its approach: an envelope made from recycled paper and a sticker that celebrates different ingredients photographed in the style of Dutch Realism. To additionally bring warmth and a personal touch of Nasyceni, the product based icons are stamped on the sticker and envelope. (a home production, use of local cotton and environmentally friendly packaging).

To bring an element of surprise to a simple outer packaging I created a visually very rich wrapping paper. The idea for the design came from shopping at the fresh market — I love getting ingredients wrapped in newspaper sheets, so when bought home and unwrapped there is a moment of discovery of random headlines and images. I used the images from the blog and I created playful illustrations of Nasyceni’s founder and her cat with quotes and ‘bon apetit’ lines, all to be slowly discovered by a viewer.

I knew from the start that the label design should also work as an advertising of the blog, and there was not a better way, then picking Nasyceni’s favourite recipes and posting them on the folded label with a link.

Nasyceni is celebrating everything that happens in the kitchen and shows it in rich and inspiring ways. The focus of the illustrations are the different ingredients, their inspiring shapes and juicy colours. For the textile design I chose oyster mushrooms, green olives, both red and white cabbage, beetroot and spaghetti pasta. Each illiustration displays the characteristics of its hero ingredient in a joyful way.

The packaging of textiles follows the simplicity of the whole design – it is a ribbon with a printed logo, fixed by a sticker, that helps keeping the product neatly folded.