In the design of the funnel ice cream packaging, we used the space of the galaxy and the sky to create a sense of otherworldliness and the ability of children and teenagers to communicate with it.
Product visualization in the form of a galaxy has great potential and great appeal for environmental advertising and billboards.

Due to the greatness and size of the galaxy, the customer feels the superiority of Datis product compared to other competitors.

The use of galaxy designs, which is known as the most unknown creation of the universe, creates a sense of curiosity in children and even adults and encourages them to buy this product. The endlessness of the galaxy paves the way to produce special and different products in the future and create a new market.

In the design of Datis ice cream packaging, Erfan’s group of designers made more than forty etude models and different designs for this brand.Our collection designed and conceptualized Datis ice cream packaging by following the important principles of design, including creativity, attractiveness, being different, a sense of product superiority, and sales and marketing.One of the important points that we paid attention to in the design of all Datis packaging was to convey the feeling of joy and happiness to the consumer. Therefore, we used happy and attractive colors and childish and beautiful designs at the same time.