HAJOK Design

Mühlenkamp, Hamburg, Deutschland

Cherry, liqueur and chocolate – the three varieties of Sarotti CHERRY N° presented in a stylish and unusual packaging design.

Chocolate-coated cherries have been in existence since the 18th century, first appearing in Great Britain. The traditional brand Sarotti has three different types of alcoholic pralines with whole cherries in its line-up: eggnog, cream liqueur and cherry liqueur praline with a Morello cherry.

The aim was to develop a modern, emotional packaging design that reflects the premium quality of the chocolates and also appeals to a younger target group. In addition, the packaging should encourage people to buy them as a gift. The intention was for the pack to be a visual highlight on any dining table to be eaten straight out of the box. The two-part cardboard box with an innovative opening mechanism complete with a vent cut-out was to be embellished with loving details to heighten the emotional appeal of the product.

The HAJOK team really looked forward to the 360° storytelling! Both the interior as well as the exterior of the two-piece box are intrinsic parts of the on-pack design. Die-cut elements, cherry and cocoa-bean illustrations and the red and pink colour scheme all combine to create an on-shelf presence that immediately catches the eye. The diamond shape is in a colour that boldly contrasts to the background. This serves to stage the brand while the colour coding stands for the respective flavour. This attention to detail reflects the premium quality of the pralines and the stylish and refreshingly different design makes CHERRY N° a real gem!