das kreative studio

Hamburg, Deutschland

The organic dairy company Söbbeke is used to breaking new grounds.

They were one of the first to switch to organic, bio-certified products in the 80s and is now taking the next step towards the future. Coconut-based in various flavours.

The task of the design strategy: A vegan product line that feels home among dairy products. Hey! Kokos was to fit in with Söbbeke‘s regular portfolio and yet clearly distinguish itself as vegan. It should be clearly visible on shelf and offer the possibility of differentiating between flavours. The result: A friendly design with an uncomplicated approach.

All elements of the design can be detached and used as communication visuals. The fresh blue is reminiscent of the dairy origin and at the same time shows Caribbean water, the home of the coconut.


das kreative studio

Hamburg, Deutschland
Creative Director: Robert Bork
Creative Partner: Katrin Niesen
Creative Partner: Maike Bischoff
Designer: Susann Berger
Molkerei Söbbeke GmbH