Tooth & Nail Wine Co. – Squad Series

Studio Ethur Ethur

570 Higuera St, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401, USA

Tooth & Nail Wine Co. is a sustainable winery out of the infamous viticulture region of Paso Robles, CA. Leaning into the themes of nature, adaptability, and the forces that drive us, Tooth & Nail is determined to bring a unique decadence to the table. Led by winemaker Jeremy Leffert, our process accentuates the character of our product instead of obstructing it. The results are wines that are as adaptive and exciting as the journey we take in crafting them.

Studio Ethur Ethur was tasked with the creation of a completely ideal of wine label, breaking down the wall of exclusivity known to the world of wine. The inception of “The Squad” series was brought forward by Tooth & Nail, in admiration for those who inspire us most: Their loyal followers. The family of characters consisted of a rag-tag group of gritty survivalists taking on the demanding world we live in. The combination of vibrant color palettes, gold foil, and resolute characters were elemental in bringing forth a bottle that stands out from the crowd. To bring the project to the next level, Tactic Studio out of San Fransisco partnered with both teams to work hand-in-hand to bring an visceral Augmented Reality experience to the Tooth & Nail wines, each bringing a unique personality to the character & varietal. Sustainably grown, high in character and digitally alive—you can taste the future of wine.