Chaos and beauty united in our Ultima Cepa, life sounds as you want it to be, contemplate and create your own history, new terroirs to explore.

Ultima Cepa in every detail the excellence of its production, its flavors and colors shine for its essence, gift of our dream, encounter with the eternal, new wines great universes. Ultima Cepa stake of our memory, pillar of our work, ardor of our life so magnificent you are that you make our world stop, walls fall and abysses arise.

Last vine a divine moment and two glasses of wine, turning our dreams into destiny, aged for years like a good wine.

From Mendoza, the land of sun and good wine, noted for its low annual rainfall, comes a unique Gran Reserva, originating from the Vall de Atuel Norte, the result of the efforts of winemaking and a family winery…Ultima Cepa is presented by Cabrito Negro Wines.