1790 Coffee is a Mexican specialty coffee brand cultivated by indigenous communities for more than 200 years. It is a special delicacy because each variety comes from a single region and is grown in small farms where a high level of quality control takes place. It is roasted on DC and has notes of chocolate flavor because its plantations share the soil with cocoa plantations.

The brand was already established, so we had to decide which elements to keep and which to leave out. Another challenge was to convey that this was a quality Mexican product without falling into the classic elements of that country. So, it was important to map the semantic network of the U.S. consumer in terms of ” Mexican-ness” and strategically select the right elements based on this.

We defined the brand personality and esthetic by first developing the strategy. Then we designed the packaging and defined the brand guidelines.

We created a distinctive and unique symbol that blended the eagle and coffee and could be used throughout the brand’s communications. We incorporated Aztec elements into the design, which, along with the gold, subtly activate both the Mexican and quality concepts.