Designer: Maddy Burton

School: Ball State University

Professor: Shantanu Suman

Packaging Contents: Flea & Tick Doggy Bath Bombs, Skin & Coat Doggy Supplement, Bone Broth Doggy Biscuits

This project was focused on creating a logo suite and packaging for the 7 Deadly Sins. The theme selected was the bond between humans and their pets, where different dog-related objects are used to represent the sins considering that human behavior is parallel those in the animal kingdom. Only three logos were chosen to make into products: sloth, pride, and gluttony. The designs are based on minimal aesthetics, and the brand is focused on giving the consumers sustainable and conventionally produced items of the highest quality.


The sloth design is comprised of flea and tick bath bombs. It is focused on qualities of being unbathed whereas the purpose is to cleanse the owner’s dog and prevent them of getting parasites. The logo was created as a rubber duck since this dog-related object is often associated with bath time.


The pride design is comprised of a skin and coat supplement. It is focused on vanity since a supplement that promotes skin health and a sleek coat would create a more desirable appearance for the owner’s dog. Grooming scissors act as the logo for this sin because this dog-related item is associated with an improved appearance.


The gluttony design is comprised of all-natural dog biscuits. It is focused on eating intemperately and the intention is for the treats to prevent these dogs from being gluttonous, instead giving them the nutrients they need. The logo is a sock with a bitemark because this dog-related item demonstrates one of many ways that a dog can show a lack of self-control.