Axia is an elegant, extra dry spirit distilled from the aromatic resin of the Mastiha tree, a gnarled and twisted evergreen found clutching to the hillsides of Chios, Greece. Revered for its natural flavour and beauty, this resin has incited jealousy and warfare. It’s even been used as a snakebite anti-venom – a potent elixir from which our spirit has been inspired. Today, through the art of our master distiller and her team, Axia keeps the unique characteristics of Mastiha, but with additional velvety flavour notes of bergamot and cypress, and a fragrant rose aroma. It is a refreshing, extra-dry spirit that takes the millennia-old rules of Mastiha-making, and artfully twists them.

From the sleepy Greek Island of Chios to the buzzing bars of London and Miami, our mandate was to bring the centuries-old, artisanal Mastiha tradition to a discerning, contemporary palate.

We wanted to caputure the unique story The custom designed bottle was created with Saverglass, and the illustration, which represents the unique story, plantlife and wildlife from the island, was drafted by the talented Zoe Keller.

Find (and sip) Axia in the best bars in metropolitan US and UK, including a number of the top 50 bars in the world, such as the trailblazing Tayēr + Elementary in Shoreditch.