Jay Chang

Brooklyn, NY, USA

What Makes a Good Gift?

The Moment Group Taiwan specializes in offering high-end gift products that help honor people’s relationships in tangible ways. They partnered with a local cocoa farmer, a sea salt maker, and us to launch a premium chocolate gift package. While others are experts in producing top-notch chocolates, our mission was to create the “gift” out of the products. We started our creative process with the essential question-What makes a good gift? Beyond the utility aspect, what’s more, is the messages behind gifts. We give extra for the ones we care about, not just when asked to. As small as a box of chocolate, our chocolate makers went extra premium with their ingredients, and we wanted the design to go a little extra to make the receivers feel special.

Listen to Nature’s Symphony

The cocoa farmer and the sea salt maker put great dedication in making the best products in their category. One philosophy shared by both is to work with nature. The cocoa farmer planted banana trees as companion plants to distract (and feed) animals instead of using farm chemicals to fend them off. This makes the production more costly; however, the diversity of the ecosystem results in healthier fruits. We celebrated this philosophy by creating an illustration of a Utopian farm with lush trees and joyful animals for the overall design theme. Rich colors and details are applied to emphasize the idea of diversity, visualizing a symphony composed and played by nature. Additionally, we created narrative profiles of the two dedicated producers sharing their personal stories and dreams to support the overall storytelling and marketing efforts.

Recycling is Chic

As we chose to go bold and expressive with the art theme, we did not want to deviate from the fundamental beliefs in sustainability shared by the people who made the chocolate. The packaging box should not create excessive waste that nature can’t decompose. Recycling is chic, and we want to make the box that way. All the 2-bar gift boxes are made of recyclable cardboard. We kept the exterior design minimal with a composed light grey so the material stays the focus. And once people open the box, the colorful and vibrant illustration on the chocolate bars can give that surprising moment to the opening experience. For the 8-bar gift boxes, we used birch wood to give the box a more extended afterlife while keeping the cardboard interior dividers. Chocolates are placed at an angle, making them easier for people to pick up.