Domaine des Sarments


10 Rue Marius Patinaud, 42000 Saint-Étienne, France

The Domaine des Sarments is the story of a return to basics and the rebirth of a family of winegrowers, through an identity that breaks the codes of French wines.

In 2002, François Lambert took over the family farm to brew beer and 10 years later he finally realized his dream: to create his own wine (the farm only supplied the cooperative cellars).

I created the visual identity of the estate and the wines that express a family, epicurean and earthly positioning. The labels pay homage to the Lamberts through emblematic figures of the family. The first three wines (two Viogniers and a Saint-Joseph) tell of the tenacity of a son, the freedom of a great-grandmother and the stubbornness of a father.

Each label displays an authentic family photo of the customers (François Lambert’s mother is passionate about genealogy). An adjective representing the character trait of the family “troublemaker” gives the name of each wine, while the handwritten typographic character underlines the visual like a signature.