Jay Chang

Brooklyn, NY, USA

An Experiment to Induce A Behavioral Change

The culture of consuming European cured meats is prevalent in the western world. Although customers in Taiwan had some exposure through their restaurant dining experiences, people rarely shop or consume these products on their own. And this untapped market caught the interest of Dr. Dry Aged, one of the first cured meat producers in Taiwan. Dr. Dry Aged has a mission to diversify the local food scene, and they have been a reputable player in the restaurant supply business in Taiwan. As the next step of their growth, they want to have a D2C presence through eCommerce stores and grocery shelves, making their products visible and accessible to customers and, thus, inducing new consumption behaviors. Therefore, Dr. Dry Aged partnered with us on the brand identity creation and packing design work to pilot this exciting experimental initiative.

Aging Meat Is a Process of Working With Time 

With all the machinery revolutions, the time required to age meats remained the same. The concept of trusting and working with time is essential to the brand. So we went with a retro-looking logo design inspired by the 19th-century signages to honor the long-established artisanal process. Along with time, a few other necessary components-air, water, and microbes that determine the flavors and qualities of the final products are also called out in the logo. Graphic elements representing these components are applied across all visual assets to complete the story.

A Nice Wrap That Talks to the Local Market

There are some imported cured meat products on shelves in Taiwan. These products are in vacuum-sealed packs with product names and descriptions, mostly in foreign languages. A question for us is how can we differentiate ourselves and better onboard customers with our packaging? Compared to customers in other markets, customers in Taiwan might need a little more introduction and handholding when purchasing cured meats on their own. We designed a series of illustrations to reveal the kinds of meat and the spices used in the packs. Also, we left a circular window on the design to show the products’ beautiful colors and marbling.